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How to Calculate an Average Weekly Wage Under the Defense Base Act

California Employment Law and Nationwide DBA Attorneys

The Defense Base Act (DBA) provides workers' compensation coverage to civilian employees who work outside the U.S. on American military bases or under contract with the U.S. government. This Act offers medical coverage and compensation if you are injured on the job as a defense contractor employee and these cases can be extremely complex.

One of the most crucial components of a DBA claim is the worker's Average Weekly Wage or AWW. The AWW determines how much money an injured worker can receive from the insurance carrier after an accident and it determines the value of any DBA settlement.

Calculating your AWW is complex under the Defense Base Act because there are several ways to determine your wages based on the type of injury sustained and job duration at the time of your accident.

An accurate Average Weekly Wage is vital to your DBA claim, it's essential to work with an experienced DBA California lawyer like the Mara Law Firm. Our lawyers can accurately calculate this critical AWW information and help you get the compensation you deserve when injured on the job.

How Average Weekly Wage Is Calculated?

There are three primary ways to calculate Average Weekly Wage depending on the employee's work schedule. These calculations are based on a 5-day, 6-day, or 7-day or casual schedule.

5- and 6-Day Schedules

It's straightforward to calculate the Average Weekly Wage for an injured worker who works a consistent 5 or 6 days per week the employee's annual average earnings will be calculated and divided into 52 weeks.

If the employee worked in the same or a similar position substantially for the entire year before the injury, their average annual earnings are determined by multiplying the employee's average daily wage by 260 days (the number of days worked per year on a 5-day schedule) or by 300 days (the number of days worked annually on a 6-day schedule). The average annual earnings are then divided by 52 to determine the AWW.

As an example, if you earned $68,000 in the year before the injury, your Average Weekly Wage would be $1,307.69 or $68,000 divided by

If the employee has not worked the entire year before the accident, the average daily wage is based on the average daily wage for an employee in a similar situation. The 5-day annual average wage will be determined based on the average daily wage for an employee in the same region and performing the same type of job. This average daily wage is multiplied by 260 days or 300 days then divided by 52 weeks to determine the employee's AWW.

Casual and 7-Day Schedules

The above formula doesn't work for everyone and sometimes a reasonable determination must be determined. Employees on a 7-day or casual schedule may have their average earnings calculated based on the previous earnings in the position the employee held at the time of the accident and the average annual earnings of other employees in the same region performing the same job.

This third method for calculating AWW allows a court to consider your past earnings and the earnings of similar employees to determine a fair AWW.

Contact a DBA California Lawyer

Even a small difference in how your AWW is calculated can have a major impact on the value of your claim. It's important to retain an experienced DBA lawyer as soon as possible in the claim process to protect your rights and ensure you are receiving all the benefits you are owed with a fair AWW determination.

When there isn't enough evidence in your record to fairly determine your Average Weekly Wage, the court may consider the third method to calculate your AWW using all available evidence. Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to use this method to depreciate your claim and reduce your AWW. If you have been working for less than a year or have a casual work schedule, you are at a greater risk of having your AWW reduced through unfair formulas.

A DBA California attorney at the Mara Law Firm can help you build your DBA case to seek the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you have been injured overseas while under a military contract, schedule a consultation with a DBA California attorney today to explore your rights.

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The State of California Civil Code states that employees must be paid any wages promptly that they've earned. When you work with Mara Law Firm, we are proud to say we fight for a worker's fair rights. Are you looking for an Unpaid Wages Lawyer San Diego? With our years of legal experience at Mara Law Firm, we will help represent your claims under theDefense Base Actin California and throughout the United States. If you take the time to meet with a California Unpaid Wages Lawyer, that's the first step toward finding a solution. While we know that sometimes litigation can't be avoided, we will do everything we can to be sure your case is heard and that you receive your due process rights.

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Mara Law Firm Will Advocate for You

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